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‘There is no role for an anchor now’

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Ever since the advent of T20I cricket, the format has been a fan favourite. From the glorious hitting to the wondrous spells, the format has everything to keep the fans captivated. However, there is also truth to the matter that the format has changed significantly over the years. 

India and Mumbai Indians skipper Rohit Sharma was of a similar opinion. The 36-year-old recently sat down for an interview, where he revealed that the T20 format had changed significantly.

Rohit also reflected upon the fact that with the changing demands of the sport, he had been doing his best to keep up, and not been shying away from doing things a bit differently, despite him not being the best at certain things .

“As I see it, there is no role for an anchor now. It is just how T20 cricket is played these days; unless you are 20 for 3 or 4, which is not going to happen every day, once in a while, you will be in that position, and then someone needs to anchor the innings and finish off to a good score. [But] there is no role for an anchor anymore, guys are playing differently,” Rohit Sharma said in a conversation with JioCinema.

If you do not change your mindset, you are going to get smashed: Sharma

Furthermore, the veteran Indian batter also reflected on the importance of the change in mindset that the T20 format demands. He even opined that if one does not change his mindset, one is ought to get smashed in this day and age.

“If you do not change your mindset, you are going to get smashed, people on the other side are thinking about the game differently and taking it to the next level. All seven batters need to play their role, I believe that if you get a good score, it is good, but even if you get a good 30-40 off just 10-15 or 20 balls, it is as good because you are doing the role for the team. The game has changed,” Rohit said.

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