Home Analysis “I love Virat Kohli’s cover drive and Rohit Sharma’s pull shot”: Shikhar Dhawan

“I love Virat Kohli’s cover drive and Rohit Sharma’s pull shot”: Shikhar Dhawan


Indian superstars Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are two of the best batters in the world. They make runs scoring easy and are extremely pleasing to the eye. Along with Shikhar Dhawan, the trio has dominated the Indian Cricket for the last decade. 

Shikhar Dhawan said

In a recent interview on ESPNCricinfo, Shikhar Dhawan said, “I love Virat Kohli’s cover drive and Rohit Sharma’s pull shot”. (To Espncricinfo).

The cricketer with the finest cover drive is perhaps Virat Kohli, the former captain of India. The Delhi batsman is the master of the cover drive due to his control, timing, and tendency to continuously find spaces between the fielders with it.

The expert of this shot is regarded to be Rohit Sharma of the Indian cricket squad. He had an astounding 250+ strike rate while playing the pull shot! Rohit Sharma tops the list with 116 sixes if we look at the number of sixes the top batters have struck while playing this shot (since 2015).

Shikhar Dhawan, who is better recognized for his accomplishments in ICC competitions, had long served as India’s go-to limited-overs batsman. But Dhawan lost his spot in the Indian team due to his declining performance over the past year or more, which coincided with the emergence of new talent. His last game was in December 2022, and he is currently not considered for the ODI World Cup selection. But since the last year, Shubhman Gill has replaced the left-hander and has sealed the opening spot for the ODI World Cup. 

Dhawan had long since lost his place in the T20I team after being left off the roster for the 2021 T20 World Cup. With the home World Cup just around the corner, his only chance lay in the ODIs, and as a left-handed top-order hitter, he always had the advantage.

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